iPad 4 tests proves the fourth generation tablet incredible speed

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    Those who opted to upgrade to the fourth generation iPad, instead of going out and buying an iPad mini shouldn’t question their decision. In fact, some compelling new evidence is showing that the iPad 4 performs quite impressively in the speed department.
    The fourth generation iPad loads everything at incredible speed, starting from apps, web pages, videos or graphics, practically leaving the iPad’s Mini performance behind.

    Surely, the mini is cute and offers a fun user friendly experience by being so easily carried around, but in the performance department it can’t beat its wider brother.
    These observations are supported by hard evidence. The Geekbench 2 tests for example, showcase a score of 1,791 for iPad 4 and only 764 for the Mini. That’s a 1000 point discrepancy. The fourth generation iPad is also shown to perform better than the iPad 3 but the difference is not that huge.

    So where is this incredible speed coming from? We should probably start off the list with the new A6X processor Apple has recently introduced. The new piece of technology is, in fact, a dual-core processor featuring quad-core graphics. Overall, the A6X is supposed to run twice as fast as the A5 chip. According to the GeekBench 2 tests, the A6X is a 1.39GHz processor. The fourth generation iPad also sports 1GB of RAM.

    Nevertheless, nothing is perfect. For example, upload speeds are not that fantastic on the iPad 4, even if they prove to run faster than on the iPad mini. The range found was 11 to 14Mbps for the iPad 4 and 8 to 11Mbps for the iPad mini.

    Source: Cnet


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Dec 4, 2012.

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