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Discussion in 'iPad Air Forum' started by Zugzwang, Jan 8, 2014.

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    Jan 8, 2014
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    So I just got an iPad air, my first Ios device.

    I'm an android guy, so I have a question. Is any customization possible? Specifically, can I remove the messages, mail, and safari icons from the dock? I don't use messaging in my tablet, and I use Chrome so it synchs with my laptop and phone.


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    Hi, Zugzwang! (Interesting user name! :)) Welcome to iPF!
    Congratulations! The iPad Air is a great device! :)

    You can put the apps you prefer to the dock. Up to 6 icons can be there. Apps that you don't need can be hidden in folders. It's not possible to delete the built in apps, like GameCenter, iTunes store, Camera, ... What's possible as well is drag them to an extra homescreen, which you use rarely.

    To move app icons, tap and hold them until they start to wiggle, then drag them to the place where you need them.
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