iOS Overtakes Android in the US Again

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    Android Authority reports today on new figures from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech (KWC), which show that thanks to amazing iPhone 5 sales, iOS has now overtaken Google’s Android OS in terms of smartphone marketshare in the US for the quarter ending October 28, 2012. In its analysis of the figures, as reported on by Android Authority, KWC says that iOS has once again wrestled the top spot away from Android mainly because of those iPhone 5 sales, which give Apple 48.1% of US smartphone sales. Android was only very slightly behind that, with 46.7%. KWC goes on to remind us all that the last time iOS was beating Android in this way, it was when the iPhone 4S had just gone on sale, and this helped Apple to keep the momentum going for the next three periods, coming out on top. KWC adds that it expects Apple to beat its own previous best of 49.3% and nab its biggest ever share of the US smartphone market over the next two periods.

    Source: iPhone 5 sales stronger than Android sales in U.S., new research shows

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