The iPad Was the Most Gifted Tablet this Holiday Quarter, According to Sales Data

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    According to fresh sales data coming from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, Apple's iPad was the most gifted tablet this holiday quarter that has just ended. The same report says that the iPhone 6 was also the best-selling smartphone in the US and was also the most popular smartphone to give as a gift.

    It also seems that Apple's iOS leads the US OS share for the first time since Q4 2012. Here's what Carolina Milanesi, chief of research at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, had to say about this:

    "In the US, Apple iOS overtook Android for the first time since this time in 2012, albeit by the slimmest 0.1% margin. While the success of the iPhone 6 and 6Plus is unprecedented, this quarter’s performance also points to Apple having its strongest portfolio ever. With a range of devices available at different price points in both contract and pre-pay Apple was able to take advantage of a weaker Android offering at the premium end of the market.”

    Thus, right now, iOS devices account for 47.7% of sales, while Android devices represent 47.6% of the marekt. Apple’s iOS also beat Android in other key markets including Japan and Australia but remained behind in certain European countries and China.

    Dominic Sunnebo, strategic insight director at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech Europe, added:

    “Italy was the only European market where Android grew. Considering the strong pre-pay market and the wider direct channel it is not a surprise that Android products – with their value for money proposition – continue to appeal to Italian consumers.”

    These are some impressive numbers, especially if we consider that Apple is a single company, while there are so many companies out there selling Android devices.

    Source: Kantar

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