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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by kinglingexe, Jun 25, 2012.

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    Dec 6, 2011
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    hmmm ios 6 wow? any way ~

    i am useing ipad 2 wifi IOs 5.1.1 jailbroken

    do u think they gone add Siri in IOS 6?
    do u think we gone update it from itunes or from the ipad ( ios 5 and higher ) ?
    do u think there will be a jailbreak for it?
    do,u think this will add soo many things that u gone be very happy with that ios?

    Answe all these starting now!
  2. f4780y

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    It would be really useful if you read some of the threads in this section kinglingexe. They answer some of your queries, and we do ask that folks search and read the threads in a forum before posting questions. Please don't be a lazy member. Do your research!
    In summary, the answers are as follows...

    1) Not for you. Siri is iPad3 only.
    2) iTunes. You cant OTA update a jailbroken device yet.
    3) Yes, but nobody knows when. Most likely not until a few weeks or months after it is released to the public since all new jailbreak exploits are required for IOS6.
    4) I am already very happy with IOS and will continue to be with IOS6 - All of the new features are discussed in threads in this section ;)

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