iOS 6 Alarm Feature Will Let You Wake Up With iTunes Music

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    AppleInsider reports today that the iOS alarm feature is set to be updated with one of the 200 new features that Apple is introducing with iOS 6, and I think this is going to be a particularly popular one. Currently, you can only select from a list of staple iOS ringtones, or buy and download a ringtone from the App Store, to wake you up, but iOS 6 will have an option for you to pick a song from your iTunes playlist to wake you up, instead of any of the above, via the Sound option, when you are setting a new alarm time or editing a time that you already have set. The Clock app, of which the alarm feature is just one part, is of course already very popular on the iPhone, and will soon be coming to the iPad for the first time, as part of the iOS 6 update. AppleInsider says that the in-house Apple iPad Clock app will have this new iTunes song alarm feature right out of the box.

    Source: Apple's new iPhone and iOS 6 will wake you up to your favorite song

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