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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 31, 2010.

By Maura on Aug 31, 2010 at 2:46 PM
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    Today’s free iPad app offering from the folks at Free App A Day (FAAD) is an absolutely fantastic clock radio and alarm app called Clock Radio in the UK store and Alarm Clock Radio in the US store. If you’re looking for a simple clock and alarm app for your iPad, then look no further. Even better, the app also acts as a clock radio, featuring over 25,000 stations covering more than 500 genres, powered by the excellent SHOUTcast Radio.

    Clock features include Snooze and Night, and it’s also compatible with your iPod so you can wake up to your own music.

    I guess the garish colours and flashing bars might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but just give it a try anyway, it’s free after all. It’s already become one of my favourite apps after just one day! Right now I’m listening to Hot Country FM streaming perfectly on my iPad and thanking the FAAD gang for making my day with this app!

    Get yours here, but be quick, it’s only free today. Clock Radio is also compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.

    Source: Raizlabs, FAAD


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 31, 2010.

    1. SweetPoison
    2. SweetPoison
      It's on a page all my it's self!

      Just sayin....
    3. SweetPoison
      You just swipe it and it changes colors! Too cool!
    4. iPadCharlie
      Good thing you got the 64gb version Marie!
    5. SweetPoison
      Why? Because of all the unecessary crap I download?
    6. iPadCharlie
      "I'm just sayin'..."
    7. Ian B
      Ian B
      Downloaded, tested it, did not like = deleted.

      Ian B
    8. SweetPoison
    9. j0yful
      got mine too :)

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