iOS 6 iTunes Match brings streaming support

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    Finally the iOS 6 Beta version is out and breathing, so from now on we can expect to see a few brand new features rolling out. One of the first to pop out concerns iTunes Match. Presently iTunes Match creates a connection between your iTunes Library and the very same track on the Apple server thus allowing users to play the music on whatever iOS device they own. Nevertheless so far, iTunes Match has only managed to be more of a download service than a streaming one.

    However things change in the iOS 6 beta version, users will really be able to stream all the music present in their libraries if they pay the iTunes Match service fee $25 per year. What this means is that if you happen to be on the road somewhere and suddenly you remember this song from your childhood and you want to play it, you can do so, without having to download it and eat up precious storage space. Save the space for stuff you really listen to daily.

    iOS 5 did offer this feature only to Mac computers while the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch were left hanging dry. The information was discovered by Trevor Sheridan from Apple N Apps and has already been confirmed as being genuine.

    So far only the iOS 6 beta version has been seeded so there are concerns that Apple might show off some features in the developer version while holding them back from the public launch. Nevertheless if iTunes Match streaming will become a permanent tenant of the iOS 6, the GM version will surely feature it.

    By Radu

    Source: In iOS 6, iTunes Match Actually Supports Both Streaming and Downloading of Music - Mac Rumors
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    This is really another good os released by apple. Nice work

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