iOS 6 Beta 4 Release Reveals No YouTube App

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 6, 2012.

By Maura on Aug 6, 2012 at 2:42 PM
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    AppleInsider reports today that the release on Monday of iOS 6 beta 4 to developers has already thrown up at least one significant shock, with the news that the YouTube app, which has been a staple of iOS for the past few years, appears to be missing from the build. According to AppleInsider, it has been confirmed by people who have installed the beta on their devices today that the Apple-developed YouTube app is not included in the beta. This may not mean anything, of course. It’s possible that it will return in the next beta, or for the final gold beta and the version that is released to the public. On the other hand, as AppleInsider points out, the fact that Google owns You Tube could have something to do with the matter, and the possible elimination of the YouTube app from iOS 6 could be reflective of increasing tensions between Google and Apple, which have also been evidenced in Apple’s completely de-Googling its new iOS Maps app that will soon be appearing in iOS 6.

    Source: Apple removes YouTube app from iOS with beta 4 release of iOS 6


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 6, 2012.

    1. twerppoet
      The mobile YouTube website has worked better than the app for some time; in my opinion, anyway.

      Apple has also responded by saying it's license to include the YouTube app in iOS has expired; though it's been observed that third party developers need no license to access YouTube, so it's unclear exactly what Apple was licensing.

      Apple also said that Google will be creating it's own YouTube app, so obviously some communication and coordination have been happening in the background; which somewhat undermines the idea of increasing hostility.
    2. happy123
      Yes,I also heard that news,it is said that apple takes this action to Competite with Google.But I think YouTube app is important for customers.
    3. col.bris
      As stated above YouTube is available within safari and works fine. The app never was a very good product so it really is no loss. Just search YouTube then add to desktop.
    4. Hasty
      Thank goodness.
      That has to be the ugliest icon
    5. RodC
      This is a delight! The app was aging + it did not allow streaming of official music videos - complete brainer! The mobile YT via Safari works great. Hopefully Google will come up with an even better YT app.
    6. AQ_OC
      I don't recall having any problems with the app, but I do agree that I'd rather it come from Google that Apple, just because Google owns youtube. Why should Apple have to carry that weight when Google has plenty of talent to do it themselves? I think it only makes sense for Apple to let Google do what Google would do best. And frankly, who can live without Youtube? Apple would never leave its users without a viable means to use Youtube. And, more importantly, neither would Google.
    7. ziffos
      "Apple would never leave its users without a viable means to use Youtube" - @AQ_OC - I love your confidence but IMO Apple do not give a "toss" about its users - it only cares about its profits.

      The web based Youtube has always been better than the app version anyway! so let Apple drop Youtube - who cares?
    8. nickb67
      After Using the Utube app on ICS Android, (Which is a beautiful app) the IOS version sucks, and dosent compare, so I wont miss it being removed, maybe a 3rd party might make and sell a utube app?
    9. AQ_OC
      If apple drops the app, they will let Google develop one. Apple does care about its users because that is the best way to generate profit. The two go hand in hand. No one is an island.

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