IOS 6.1.1 Beta - WARNING!

Discussion in 'iPad Hacking' started by f4780y, Feb 7, 2013.

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    As some of you may have read, Apple are already testing IOS 6.1.1 in beta. The first beta has been seeded to developers, but it contains no fixes to patch the evasi0n jailbreak as of yet. It is primarily a feature enhancement for the Japanese market relating to Maps.

    HOWEVER, all jailbreakers, or those thinking about potentially jailbreaking in the near future, should consider the following:

    1) Apple will undoubtedly take the opportunity to patch one or more of the evasi0n JB exploits when 6.1.1 goes public - they may not even beta test these fixes - don't assume because the betas are unpatched, that the public release will be.
    2) Apple now seem to be in the habit of immediately (or very quickly) refusing to sign previous versions of IOS as soon as a new release goes public - You may get little or no warning once the release is "live". In other words, by the time you hear 6.1.1 is out it will be too late to install 6.1 regardless of whether you have saved SHSH Blobs or not - 6.x saved SHSH Blobs currently serve no purpose. They are simply a potential future insurance policy that may never be able to be cashed in ;)
    3) The beta cycle for 6.1.1 is likely to be relatively short given that this is a targeted minor point release.
    4) If you are a developer, you cannot use the 6.1.1 beta with the evasi0n tool - it does not support it.

    If you are currently holding off on installing 6.1 and potentially want to jailbreak in the future, you should seriously consider that position in light of this news ;)

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