iOS 5 Edges Out Android in HTML5 Browser Test

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    If you were by any chance, stretching you brain muscles in order to answer to the most intense tech question out there, HTML 5’s framework development house Sencha, comes to your rescue. So the challenge is now on: Who’s got the better browser, Android 4 or iOS 5. The answer might come as a shock to some, but to others it will only enforce their hardcore beliefs.

    Here’s your answer: while Android’s 4’s browser is a major leap into the right direction, Sencha feels that iOS 5’s offering still beats anything available on the market so far. Ice Cream Sandwich is running very close behind, but it will have to keep running in order to surpass Apple’s latest. But not much…

    So on what basis did Sencha reach the decision? Well, it tested both browser on the following parameters: rendering performance, HTML5/CSS3 feature support, rendering accuracy and Javascrip performance. When checking for rendering, they applied the industry standard Acid3 test, and both browsers peformed about the same.

    Moving on, Sencha applied the SunSpider series of tests build to push Javascript to its limits. For the Sunspider they used an iPad 2 rather than an iPhone 4S, because of the similarities found when comparing the CPU with the one found in Galaxy Nexus. They also added Kindle Fire and Playbook just for fun.

    After all these tests were performed, the conclusion came: in the end, it comes to itty bitty differences that the average users can not hope to ever notice. So, the battle between the operating systems would boil down to personal preferences and nothing more. When everything is designed and build in such details, it’s all about the tiniest of details.

    (Source: PCWorld)

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