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Discussion in 'iPad Hacking' started by synctek, May 22, 2012.

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    Where to begin.....I'm new to the forum - my first post - just got the iPad next gen. I'm an Android user now learning the apple world.

    I have been looking for and testing different ways to access files on the iPad such as Bluetooth file transfer and FTP. Specifically, I wanted to transfer music from my Bionic (Android) to the ipad. There is an FTP server app for the Bionic called FTP Server and an ftp client for ipad called FTP Client Pro. I can setup the phone to host as a mobile hotspot and connect to it from the ipad and its ftp client. Copying files is fast and simple but my question is how can I get access to the files from other apps like Music, Photos or Videos or how do I copy the files from FTP Client Pro to other locations?

    The files seem to be stored in a location embedded within the FTP Client Pro application. I had to root my Bionic to get to any of the file system data on the phone so I assume I will need to jailbreak the iPad to do the same? I've looked for an app that would allow me to browse but nothing that will let me get into the app directories.

    Also, if I uninstall the FTP Client Pro app, will all the music I've added via the app get deleted?


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