Image Procesing Sharpness on UIImageView with a Slider

Discussion in 'iPad Development' started by rickjackson, May 19, 2011.

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    Hello to all,
    I am new to iPhone Development and even new to Image Processing but guyz i all of your help I am learning Image Processing in Bits and Pieces What i have learned so far is that how can i obtain the Actual pixel data from CGImage object and how to create a new modified image here is the code :
     CGImageRef sourceImage = theImage.image.CGImage;
        CFDataRef theData;
        theData = CGDataProviderCopyData(CGImageGetDataProvider(sourceImage));
        UInt8 *pixelData = (UInt8 *) CFDataGetBytePtr(theData);
        int dataLength = CFDataGetLength(theData);
    But right now i am struck at a point how can i increase/Decrease the sharpness of UIIMageView With a Slider.
    Please share your thoughts with us so it will benefit all of us in someway.........

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