Apple Working on Scalable 3D Touch Display Tech for iPads

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    Yesterday Radu wrote that KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has advised investors that he doesn’t think that the iPad Air 3, due to launch in the first half of 2016, will have 3D Touch technology due to production issues in Apple’s supply chain.

    Today, AppleInsider has some new and exclusive information on 3D Touch for iPad that appears to support much of what Kuo wrote, stating that it has heard from a source familiar with Apple’s plans that while it is true that Apple cannot find a way to scale current 3D Touch technology for larger displays such as the iPad Air’s 9.7-inch displays, it is, however, working on similar technology to use in both iPhones and iPads in future, including even Apple’s largest iPad display, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

    AppleInsider says that its source is someone who has in the past provided accurate information about Apple’s future plans, so if they’re right this time around as well, it pretty much confirms that there will be no 3D Touch for any of next year’s new iPad line-up, but there could be in future.

    Source: Apple to debut scalable 3D Touch tech for iPad-sized screens after 'iPhone 7,' source says

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