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    Oct 12, 2011
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    Had an absolute nightmare with Apple today - endless number of errors trying to install iOS 5 on my iPad and iPhone 4. Ended up putting the iPad in DFU mode and updating it that way round.

    I went through the setting up process, and created a new iCloud address (@me.com), while also having a gmail account registered to the iPad. I want to switch from gmail to iCloud for email, but I'm having some problems. Some emails are coming through - for example, I registered on this website through my @me address... however, when I tried to activate the email address to Facebook it wouldn't receive anything (even though I got an email on my gmail account acknowledging that I'd requested a change to my Facebook email). Also, I tried emailing my iCloud address from my gmail account, but to no avail.

    Why is everything so hit and miss? I really want to use the iCloud mail but obviously I can't do so if I can't trust it to receive and send emails!

    Any solutions?

    Thanks in advance - hope this all made sense...


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