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    had to change Apple details, email address and password, got that sorted ok on computer and iPad, but iPhone iCloud is still showing the old email address log in details, cannot remember the password for it, and the email id has been cancelled, through the server, so my question is, how do I cancel the old iCloud log in details without the password, so I can create a new iCloud ID With the new email address, can I do that without any problems,
    Do I need to connect it to the computer to do it , have no idea how to do this
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    Before changing the old Apple ID, you should have signed out of the iCloud ID.

    Connecting your iPad to iTunes won't help.

    If you don't remember the password for the old ID, try the new password when deleting the iCloud ID.

    If that doesn't help, you'll need to revert the new email address (Apple ID) to the old one (same procedure as before). Don't verify the email address. Then use the new password on your iPad to delete the old iCloud ID. That done, change the email address once more (Manage Apple ID), and sign in to iCloud with the new ID.

    Hope that helps.
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