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Discussion in 'iTunes Forum' started by GIacona, Apr 2, 2016.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have some questions with ITunes and am hopeful to get some assitance. I am currently running I-Tunes 12.3.17. I tried to call apple for assistance, but they are so overwhelmed with calls right now due to the issues new IOS.

    * If I click on my device, and click on apps on the left, I am able to see my I-Pad. However some apps that are listed here, I no longer have. It's giving me an option to install them, which I don't want to do. Is there a way to remove them from the list of apps in this section?

    * If I click on the 3 dots next to my device, it brings me to another area where I can see apps. (this may be called mobile applications folder not sure?). Some of the apps in this location are installed on my device and some are not. I have the option to right click and delete but not sure if that's a good idea? I am also seeing some apps here with an update icon. Now I know for sure these were recently updated on my device and it has Sync'd to ITunes. Is there a reason why some of the apps in this area have an update icon on them if they have been updated on my device already?

    * My last question is in regards to my purchased apps. If I click on my I-Tunes ID, then choose apps it brings me to all my purchased apps and the option to download them by clicking on the cloud button. I am just trying to figure out why some apps have a cloud icon if they are already on the I-Pad and the device is sync'd with I-Tunes? Is this because the app was downloaded on the device and not with the software? I would think even if it was after it was sync'd the option to download to the device would go away

    Sorry for the questions, but I would really appreciate some assistance

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    When you look at the apps section when your iPad is connection it will show every compatible app for your iPad, whether or not it's currently on the iPad. This list can't be edited.

    That mobile applications folder shows all iOS apps currently in your iTunes library. This allows for quick installation of an app via syncing with iTunes. If you keep those apps up to date by regularly tapping the update button, you'll ensure that you'll get the latest version synced to your iPad. The reason that some of those apps in your mobile applications folder have waiting updates when the copy on your iPad was updated before syncing with iTunes is that apps and their updates are no longer automatically transferred to the mobile applications folder. This means that a newly purchased app on your iPad will have to be manually downloaded to your mobile applications folder by going to the iTunes Store and opening up your purchase history, then downloading them from there.

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