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Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by GIacona, Sep 22, 2012.

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    Hello everyone,

    I am kind of new to I-Tunes so I hope I can get a few questions asked.

    I notice when i insert a music cd and I-tunes asks me if I want to import the CD to the library and I select yes all the music goes into my music library. From there I drag it into the playlist I want to put it in and sync with my I-pad.

    When I add music from my computers say MP3 files. I normally click on file and choose either add folder or file to library. I notice I-tunes puts the music under recently added and not in the music library. From recently added I drag it to the playlist I want the music in and then sync it to my I-pad. Is there a reason that it puts it into recently added instead of in the main music library like it does with I import a music CD? Do I need to remove the music out of recently added? I am afarid it may have duplicated it. see there is an option to delete the recently added playlist, but I don't want to mess with things

    My last and final question is I have some music in my music library that I deleted off my pc cause it's not my type of music. However it still stayed in the music library. I never moved these songs to a playlist or sync'd it with my Ipad. Can I just go into the music library and delete them? I notice they do not have check marks when I see them in my library as other music does.

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    iTunes is a very confusing mess, isn't it? :)

    Have a look at this article:

    Specifically, start with the paragraph "How iTunes Manages Media Content." The author goes into detail as to what iTunes is doing. This will answer your question. I believe it's a simple matter of changing your iTunes settings - but have a read through. it's one of the best articles I've seen that helps explain what iTunes does and is doing.

    Hope this helps.


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