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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions - Site Assistance' started by Simmer, Feb 11, 2016.

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    Feb 11, 2016
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    10 days ago after I kept putting off the iOS upgrade it started on its own with a very low battery. I was told after my iPad died that it was not cost effective to fix this fried chip. He then explained that an iPad that is shut down (or loses power) during an upgrade almost always dies. Seems like this would have been good information to tell buyers .


    I had copious notes on notability which were updated regularly and I replaced my iPad 4, 64mg with the same product , just newer

    Almost all my app magically appeared once I put my password in... However most are in a constant "loading" screen. For 3 days now. I have deleted all the apps that had no info thinking I would speed up notability.

    I also lost about 40 training videos that were on an app called "best video"

    Any help would be awesome

    Also, all my notes are gone too
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    Hello Simmer and welcome to the forum! :) Some clarification will first help: 1) You now have an iPad 4 (64GB) - is this the device under discussion or a replaced one; 2) What iOS are you talking about (9.2.1 is current); 3) Who told you about a 'fried chip' - e.g. a 'genius' at an Apple Store; 4) Have you been backing up the iPad to iCloud and/or iTunes on a computer; and 5) Appears that the iPad comes on and you can do some things but not retrieve your notes or the videos - correct?

    Please respond to these questions - you might have to try to Restore the device or even perform a Device Firmware Update, i.e. DFU - now whether you can retrieve your notes and videos w/o a backup - not sure at the moment? Dave P.S. click on the links to learn more.

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