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    Hello I'm new and I'm looking for help with my iPad. I've had it for 5 months and for the first four I had no
    problem using Skype to call my family abroad. It worked really well even doing webcam or for example I would
    talk to my mum on Skype and we would look at the same website and talk about it or even do street view on
    Google maps whilst we were talking so we could look at places together! It was fantastic and I love the iPad!
    However for the last three weeks I haven't been able to have even a basic voice conversation either with Skype or with Vtok for Google. The audio is robotic and tinny, you can't even hear the words and the line gets cut off after a couple of minutes. Seems like a slow internet connection but why all of a sudden? Also I notice when I've tried to talk the connection slows right down and I can't load pages in Safari or Facebook or the App Store, I have to reboot the iPad for it to go back to normal. Any ideas?

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