I can't set up my orange account on my ipad2

Discussion in 'International iPad Users' started by stu1971, Oct 8, 2011.

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    Oct 8, 2011
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    I have tried everything to set up my orange account on my ipad but it does seem to like it...this is what i set up below

    Incoming mail server....

    Host name pop.orange.net
    User Name (e-mail account details)
    Password (as per account)

    Outgoing mail server

    Host Name smtp.orange.net
    User Name (nothing)
    Password (nothing)

    Please help
  2. richsadams

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    Mar 23, 2011
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    Welcome to the forum! There are a lot of great people here willing to lend a hand anytime. Often using the Advanced Search box (at the top of every page) will lead you to the answers you're looking for. If not, feel free to post a question in the appropriate area.

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    I'm unfamiliar with Orange accounts specifically but it looks like your settings are correct with the exception of one missing item. Under "Advanced" > "Incoming Settings" try toggling "Use SSL". In other words if it's set to "On" turn it to "Off" and vice versa. Others may chime in with some more ideas if that doesn't work.

    BTW, I moved your post to the iPad Help area where you’re likely to get a better response to your question.

    Welcome again and enjoy!
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