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How to transfer music IPod to IPod?

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by gamecocknnc, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. gamecocknnc

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    Aug 31, 2012
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    How do I transfer my playlist on my IPad 2 to IPods? I feel as if I am loosing my mind! Can you only synch from a laptop or desktop? I have searched the Internet and even went to Best Buy. They acted as if I was crazy even after I explained I wanted to update the play list on my to families different IPods and Itouch but I want to use my IPad to do it. Physically you can not use a USB cable to connect a IPod to an IPad. The IPad is approved and I have my full library on Itunes. I even tried my camera connection kit. Maybe I am stupid! What am I missing please?????

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