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    Ok. I apologize in advance if this is already common knowledge but I found a good trick for getting screen protectors on my ipad without the little dust flakes underneath the protector. I don't have a problem with the bubbles. I can get those worked out but after literally a dozen screen protectors and never being happy with the results, I found a trick that helps me with my major pet peeve which is little dust flakes or hairs trapped on the screen underneath the protector.

    I've always hated those little dust bits and they leave a permanent (well, until you remove the protector) reminder of how difficult it is to get these damned things on. You can use a lint roller or masking tape on the iPad screen to lift all the dust particles. It works a gazillion times better than those so called dust free cloths.

    Use a
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    When I find a dust speck under the screen protector I peel up the screen protector to where the dust speck is and use scotch tape to remove the speck off of the protector. Then I lay the screen protector back down.
    Your idea of cleaning the screen with a link roller is interesting. I may try it next time.
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    Thanks for the tip!

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