How to pamper your iPAd 2 in a classy old style

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    For those worried about the technology having a cold feel, now there is a solution available. Grove has recently released an iPAd 2 case made out of wood and leather. Besides its sturdy appearance, there is the warm look of natural materials. The exterior is made out of bamboo, which gives strength and protects well the iPad. The wood is precisely laser cut and allows access to ports and speaker. At the first glance the case might seem to give a massive appearance to a otherwise sleek and slim device and to add unnecessary weight, but actually the bamboo back is light.

    The cover has its role and it is at the same time functional and beautiful. The leather cover has integrated magnets that align perfectly with the iPad magnets, and the same as intelligent covers from AppleStore, automatically “wakes†the iPad when it is open or “sends to sleep†if the cover it is closed. When opened, the smart cover can fold to support the iPAd for either viewing or typing. In addition, for the leather cover is available the option of laser engraving with the customer’s design, so it’s fully customizable. But there are also exquisite interlaced designs made by Grove artists for the less talented of us who still have the heart set on leather old fashion but classy book covers.
    Nevertheless, the iPad is not only protected or has a standout appearance. It is also well pampered, since the bamboo case and the back of the cover are from soft swede, to protect the iPAd from scratches.

    So, if we need to enjoy the technological sophistication of our age, there is no reason why we shouldn’t do it in a classy style that is, to say the least, surprising and intriguing...

    By Radu Tyrsina
    Source: Digital Trends

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