how do I use keyboard and silent voice over?

Discussion in 'iPad 3 Forum' started by zippysh, Jul 29, 2013.

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    Jul 29, 2013
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    how do I use apple keyboard and silent voice over at the same time??

  2. Mickey330

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    Aug 30, 2010
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    See if this will help (directly copied from Apple's iPad user's guide):

    Controlling VoiceOver using an Apple Wireless Keyboard
    You can control VoiceOver using an Apple Wireless Keyboard paired with iPad. See Bluetooth devices.

    VoiceOver Help speaks keys or keyboard commands as you type them. You can use VoiceOver Help to learn the keyboard layout and the actions associated with key combinations.

    Use VoiceOver keyboard commands to navigate the screen, select items, read screen contents, adjust the rotor, and perform other VoiceOver actions. Most keyboard commands use the Control-Option key combination, abbreviated in the table below as “VO.â€

    VoiceOver keyboard commands
    VO = Control-Option

    Read all, starting from the current position: VO–A
    Read from the top: VO–B
    Move to the status bar: VO–M
    Press the Home button: VO–H
    Select the next or previous item: VO–Right Arrow or VO–Left Arrow
    Tap an item: VO–Space bar
    Open the Item Chooser: VO–I
    Double-tap with two fingers: VO–â€-â€
    Select the next or previous item specified by the rotor: VO–Up Arrow or VO–Down Arrow
    Adjust the speech rotor: VO–Command–Left Arrow or VO–Command–Right Arrow
    Adjust the setting specified by the speech rotor: VO–Command–Up Arrow or VO–Command–Down Arrow
    Mute or unmute VoiceOver: VO–S
    Switch apps: Command–Tab or Command–Shift–Tab
    Turn the screen curtain on or off: VO–Shift–S
    Turn on VoiceOver help: VO–K
    Return to the previous screen, or turn off VoiceOver help: Escape


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