[HELP] iPad 2 Backlight Not Responsive After Boot

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by iOSHacker, Apr 3, 2013.

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    Hello! I have recently replaced my iPad Second generation's digitizer and it all went well. I booted it up last night, and to my dismay the backlight was working, but the new digitizer wasn't. Well it turns out I just had to clip the little sucker in, so I did just that. I let it die last night, not like I could turn it off anyways. This morning I clipped the digitizer cable in and then booted it up! I was soo happy when I saw the Apple Logo and then Poof. It seemed like the whole machine died! I couldn't see a thing... I was very sad and thought It was my fault, which it probably is. Later that day I was examining it in the sun and found out it is on! The only thing is that the backlight doesn't always work. It works on boot-up, and when It's dead and you press down the sleep button to display it needs to be charged. For some reason it ALWAYS goes dimmer around the time it should get brighter (if those were your brightness settings) at startup. I can hardly see it unless I am directly under the sun. I am 15, and in school. I use this for almost every class and for making game mods. My iPad 2 is jailbroken and my dad seems to believe that might be causing the issue, but I highly doubt it. Is there any chance it may have shorted? Or anything like that? The Digitizer isn't locked (glued technically) down at all so I can still go inside if I need to. I just find it odd how after it boots the light goes off... so it isn't fully broken. I have searched and searched for a solution, but have not found any. I really hope you guys can help me! Sorry for the longgggg post and thank you so much for your time.

    Things I have tried:
    Rebooting from "Power off Slider"
    Manual Reboot with Home + Sleep Button
    Letting it die then booting up
    Booting up with power connected
    Removing and re-inserting the connector for the LCD

    The device as a whole works, along with my digitizer. For about 5 months now I've been using it with the digitizer broken. I would love to finally fix this thing.


    So after more fiddling, I have found out that it is almost as if the backlight dies out. I can see my lockscreen for about 2 seconds then the backlight gets killed. Please someone help me!
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