Help- I have messed up.

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    I have an IPad 2 wifi.
    I downloaded and installed os5 using itunes 10.5 beta 6 as mentioned elsewhere.When I fired up my ipad I was faced with a screen requesting some setup info,language,country,location and wifi login.After inputting this info I was informed that my device was not registered on the iphone developer program.After that the booting up just stopped and there was nothing else I could do.I ran itunes to try and restore my unit v4.3 but there was not even a restore button showing up in itunes.
    I then reinstalled itunes 10.4 to try and restore but was then given this error message "the file i tunes library .itl cannot be read as it was created with a newer version of itunes"After deleting the .itl file I tried again but was then faced with the message telling me that my ipad required itunes 10.5.Which brings me full circle.I just would like to restore my ipad to the current version and have no idea what to do next.Hopefully someone reading this can advise me.Forgot to say I have XP on my PC and am in the UK

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    IOS Betas are for developers only, and you need to have your device registered in the developer program to allow it to be activated.

    To restore your iPad, you need to put it into DFU mode. Follow this guide here -

    iTunes will then let you restore it to stock 4.3.5.

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