Google Launches a Major Revamp of its Main iOS Search App, Bringing a New Look and Features

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    Google has issued a major revamp to its search app for iPhone and iPad users, as it has hit version 5.0. What's nice is that the search giant hasn't released updates only for iPhone owners, but also to those who use the search app on their iPads, as well.

    Google said the following on its official blog:

    Here's a breakdown of all the new features:

    • Recents—see & return to your recently visited pages
    • Google button—start a new search with just one tap
    • Google Maps—explore interactive maps, nearby places & Street View right inside the app (for iPhone)
    • Beautiful new Material Design animations
    • Bigger photos in image search
    • Looks great on the new iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

    Go ahead and follow the link from below to update to the latest version. However, do take into account that there might be some minor bugs and glitches that are usual after such a big overhaul.

    Source: iTunes

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