Google Maps for iOS Gets Big Update

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    Google has just released a big update for its Google Maps app, complete with three major changes, and one minor one.

    First up, writes BGR, you can now see a Street View thumbnail when you search for an address or tap and hold anywhere on the map.

    Secondly, you can now view the custom maps that you’ve created yourself using Google My Maps.

    And last but not least of the major new changes to the app, Google has made it much easier to write a review of a location that you've visited thanks to an improved review-writing feature.

    And finally, Google has also changed the Google Maps logo.

    Yet another great update from Google, especially with the inclusion of handy Street View thumbnails when you click on a location. This latest update follows on from the launch of a dedicated Street View app for iOS.

    Click here to download the free app: Google Maps on the App Store

    Source: Google Maps for iPhone was just updated - here are the 4 key changes

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