Gmail will not sync all of my mail with my iPad 2 and my iPhone 4

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    My problem is that the mail from my gmail account, which works fine, does not travel to my iPad 2 in its entirety- the same is the case for my iPhone but I guess that problem is off topic. I got some of my mail in my inbox, but not all of it shows up. Oddly, all of my mail shows up in my "All Mail" Gmail inbox folder. Since having repeated problems over weeks at a time- of this nature- using the default Gmail setup on my iPad 2, I finally decided to use Exchange since itw free. All the while I must hwve called up Apple over 7 times to solve this problem, so I have deemed them incapable of solving this problem, either that or I'm completely blind to the same mistakes that I'm making, but I doubt it. Anyway, Exchange has been working in terms of speed. Before I switched to exchange my email on my pad took sooooo long. Now its practically instantaneous. Only problem is that I don't get all my mail where I tell the Gmail server to send it. I hope I'm describing my issue clearly. If anyone wants me to elaborate more or clarify I am happy to do so if I can. Thanks!

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