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Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by Actionmarek, Jan 13, 2014.

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    Feb 16, 2013
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    Lately my iPad 2 is getting stuck especially on Facebook pages ......what should do please ??
  2. skimonkey

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    Sep 11, 2011
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    Hi ...I just deleted your other post as it was a duplicate of this one. Please do not do this since it makes it hard for other members to read and help you if there are multiple threads of the same topic present. It is also against forum rules.


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  3. ardchoille

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    Apr 21, 2012
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    Can you elaborate on "getting stuck"? Is it lag?
  4. The OB

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    Aug 10, 2012
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    You haven't answered the above question asked as clarification of your problem, so it's not clear if you still have that problem. If you mean that your iPad is crashing during a session on Facebook, it could be that your iPad, which has 512Mb of RAM (compared to the new iPads with 1Gb memory, may be struggling with cache memory causing it to drop out to go back to your start screen wallpaper. As apps continue to get larger taking advantage of larger capacity machines, it may well mean your use of Safari with other large apps may be causing your problems. Is that what is happening?
    Assuming that may be the case, I'll quote here an excellent post by our Administrator leelai, which canvasses that situation very well, hoping that will assist you.

    "There are some steps you can take which will limit this happening as much and these steps will also free up ram.*

    Limit your location services to the apps you are using now.*

    Close apps regularly (all apps in your multi task bar are using some ram, even though they are not running and closing them completely will free up this ram) - From the home screen do the four finger swipe up or double press the home button to reveal your multi task bar. Long press an app until it jiggles and a red minus sign will appear above it. Press the minus sign, this will close the app, not delete it, now press the home button to return to your home screen*

    Go to Settings - Safari and Clear your History and also Clear your Cookies and Data. Safari retains bits of info from every site you visit.....if you would like to have a look first before clearing your History etc. go to Settings - Safari - Advanced - Website Data - Show All Sites.*

    After doing this, it would be a good idea to do a reset of your iPad just to allow everything to settle in nicely. Apple have now ceased updates for the iPad 1 as it is really quite old now in technology terms and although it will still continue to be a great device for certain tasks, it may be time to upgrade to a newer iPad!*

    Reset - Hold the power off button and the home button simultaneously, keep holding them in and you may see the power off slide appear and disappear, wait until you see the Apple logo appear before releasing the buttons. It will take a little longer for your iPad to start.*

    I do hope these steps help you."

    If they have helped, or not, come back to advise anyway.:)
    Regards, Andrew

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