Donwgrade iPad 1 from iOS 4.2 to iOS 3.2

Discussion in 'iPad 1 Forum' started by RickyDex96, Feb 9, 2017.

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    Hey, I have an iPad 1 for collection, and I want to downgrade it from iOS 4.2 to iOS 3.2. How can I do ? I don't have the SHSH of this iPad, but a few month ago, on "theiphonewiki" I' ve found a link to download SHSH. I downloaded many SHSH for many iDevices, and in that SHSH list there is an SHSH for first iPad of iOS 3.2. I know that SHSH works for restore a specific iOS, and on works only on specific iDevice because SHSH are made by iOS version, ECID, and device type. I think that those downloaded SHSH, are a modified SHSH version; so, can they work on every iPhoneiPod/iPad ? for example an SHSH for iPad 1 iOS 3.2 that work on every iPad 1? I know that normal SHSH works only on specific iOS and specific iDevice model. I also read that is possible submit to Apple an HTTP request for SHSH, how can I submit request for SHSH and baseband SHSH?! Sorry for my bad english :)
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    That won't work as SHSH blobs are device specific and can't be used on a device other than the one they were created on. Also, Apple will not cooperate with any request that could help downgrade an iOS device. If you really want an iPad 1 that's running iOS 3.2, you'll have to find one that was never updated,
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