Do you use Yandex browser on your ipad?

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by islandman, May 5, 2016.

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    I h...........................................................
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    Never heard of it, but I will look into it. What makes it better or different/faster than Chrome? I'm curious.
  3. islandman

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    thanks for response. Will reply fully later today.
  4. islandman

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    I will attempt to answer how and why I came to use Yandex. I read this elsewhere:-

    “I've just read that google chrome is not supporting windows vista any more so i am really am looking for another browser, i have tried firefox but cannot get on with it(same with opera) so i am on the lookout for another browser,can anyone please advise me”.
    This followed:-

    “Check out the Yandex.browser this has both elements of Chrome also Opera (Speedial ) and is very secure with Adguard Ad blocker native (premium elsewhere) I have also WOT active too as well as Adblock plus

    Only item is there is No Homepage but with Speedial set up with your Favourite as well as being able to import Favourites from Chrome and Internet Explorer . Do Keep Chrome as It still can run lots of items IE ( on the other hand) is little used on my XP Machine
    I originally had this as a Test browser and It failed(Beta version) Liked it (different layout) But I reinstalled it again, the relability is 100% and Its Fast
    With a failsafe (cache) feature (ex Opera/) which ensures the Page loading remains fast on frequently visited websites if the internet is slow
    Yandex.Browser — neat, intuitive and smart

    And while you are installing this ,check out Duckduckgo this can be used as the default search with option on the browser and it too is very secure /fast with some slick tricks “

    I tried it and entered:-
    “Thank you and WOW!, as I am one of those with vista and a user of chrome, like the O/P was on the look-out for something that would suit me. Your post re Yandex interested me. I don't think I have ever experienced a browser to respond so fast. I've only been using it 10 mins, but hey, I'm looking forward to giving it a real run for it's money “

    this brought forth:-
    I think the reason Yandex trumps Chrome on speed is the amount of extra running threads The Master running file sizes are of similar sizes with Yandex being a bit (10 MB )Larger,Then when I look down the Task manager list Chrome has quite a few "other" Chrome entries So the answer to the speed boost is somewhere in that direction, Even though I have 16 GB RAM fitted, have the Virtual Drive on Auto , There is No difference between my Windows XP and Windows 10 Machines unless I open too many "active" windows case of trial and error about finding out how many threads/tabs it will run together (only the stupid run their PC's this way though Windows 10's Task view manager Feature can hold the page Temporarily static (In the Background) Giving 5? held Pages plus and Tabs .That's the theory.Worth looking up the tutorials on this.(and a bit of discovery) Good article posted here from
    For a good 'live' actual feature assessment open this URL inside the browser address box Both Chrome & Yandex scored 521/555 (top of the league!) on the latest listings .Edge only scored 420 on the list
    PS The smart Address bar works well on Yandex .With Chrome it gets mixed up if pushed .

    Then the original poster came back with:-
    thanks again for your help. managed to sort yandex browser out and it is fast and running thanks again.....

    So, maybe this information helps.
  5. islandman

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    The word "FICKLE" comes to mind. I have removed yandex. Didn't like the russian translating all the time. Where am I now?, on my laptop I'm now trying out Slimjet.

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