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    Deck HD ($1.99, USD) - Centralized actionbar for SpringBoard

    When this tweak appeared for the iPhone, I immediately bought it, downloaded it and then waited [mostly impatiently] for the developer to make it compatible for the iPad. When it was released, I knew my wait was worth it.

    Deck is a tweak that opens a bar on any side of your iPad (you can select which side this bar appears). It provides an easily accessible “one stop shop†for the tweaks and apps you have on your iPad. With it, you can open up to seven apps of your choosing, change various system settings (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.), activate the camera, Siri, send a text/email or access the power options of your iPad (respring, reboot, safe mode, power down and lock) – all with one Activator action plus a tap. Again, it’s a very convenient shortcut tweak.

    When you first install Deck, you see a lot of settings options, all available through the tweak’s settings (in the Settings app). It will take a bit of time to configure the tweak to your liking and preference, but once you’ve got it set – it’s a handy tool.

    Deck is activated by a user-defined Activator action. All the standard Activator actions are available, so you can select the one that suits you best.

    In addition, you can elect to have Deck appear in whichever side you wish: left or right in portrait mode (with the Home button at the bottom). If the iPad is in landscape, the tweak will open at the top or bottom, depending on where your Home button is and which side you’ve selected. Regardless of which orientation you are in - the toggles and icons within the Deck views will rotate to be in sync with your iPad’s particular orientation.

    Deck is split into three separate views: Deck, Toggles and Custom Actions. You can choose which one of the three will first appear when you activate the tweak by selecting the option within the tweak’s settings. Here is what each of the three views offers:



    The toggles (from left to right) are to:

    (1) Open the next view, Toggles (which is covered below)
    (2) Open the Settings app
    (3) Activate communication apps (iMessage, Mail or Tweet)
    (4) Activate camera
    (5) Play music (can customize what app opens to start playing music)
    (6) Open Siri (not available, yet, on the iPad)
    (7) Open power management tools (respring, reboot, Safe Mode, power down and lock)
    (8) Move between views



    This view contains system or settings toggles to turn the following on/off (blue means that the function is on):

    (1) Auto Rotation
    (2) Data
    (3) Sound (mute/unmute)
    (4) Bluetooth
    (5) Location
    (6) Airplane Mode
    (7) Wi-Fi

    The arrow at the rightmost position is to go back to the Deck view. From there, the arrow will lead to the last Deck view - Custom Toggles.

    Custom Toggles


    This is where Deck truly shines as you can make shortcuts for up to seven apps or use one of Deck’s built-in actions. Regardless of which you choose, when you press on the app or the custom action icon, the app opens or the custom action begins.

    The photo above shows my default view when I first activate Deck. I have elected to have all app shortcuts. However, here is a list of the built-in actions you can choose to use within the Custom Toggles view:


    I use this tweak daily. It is a very comprehensive tool for accessing the various functions on the iPad. It makes it very easy to navigate within the iPad and between various system functions or apps. IMNSHO, it is well worth the purchase price. Check it out! :)

    Happy tweaking.


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