Quick Activator ($.99, USD) - Control Center Toggles for Activator

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    Quick Activator ($.99, USD) - Control Center Toggles for Activator

    Cydia Description: Requires iOS 7

    Allows you to add customizable shortcuts to Quick Launch that trigger any Activator action. Each shortcut can also have a hold action assigned to it which triggers a different action. Choose which shortcuts are shown on the lock screen or while unlocked. There are workarounds in place to make compose and launching apps work on the lock screen which normally don't work with Activator. You will be prompted for your passcode prior to launching the app if you have one.

    You can select which page the Timer shortcut opens to and you can easily change the glyphs for the 4 default shortcuts.

    Your own glyphs can be saved as a PDF and placed in

    Works with the toggles of FlipControlCenter, CCControls, CCSettings, and CCToggles

    Configure options from Settings app.

    Okay, there are a lot of Control Center tweaks out there. A LOT! After trying almost all of them out, here is the one that I’ve decided to keep. I only use it for the far right side of Control Center (where the stock iPad only shows the Timer and Camera icons) as I use another tweak, CCSettings for the middle set of icons (CCSettings review here). Together, these two tweaks do what I want and do it best…IMNSHO, of course! :D

    However, this review/outline is about Quick Activator, so I’ll focus on that.

    Quick Activator was created to assign toggles to lauch Ryan Petrich’s Activator tweak actions [versus assigning gestures]. Here is Quick Activator running in the Control Center:


    In order, these five toggles allow me to reset safari, open the Clock app to the timer screen, open a calculator app, lock the iPad or open the Camera app.

    Note that “Reset Safari” is a separate flipswitch I downloaded from Cydia and I used an AppStore calculator app. These assignments are possible because of Quick Activator’s ability to use Activator to assign buttons. Once the buttons are assigned, whether as a tap or a brief (configurable) hold, the app or action immediately takes place. Quick Activator is “just” another way to assign Activator actions.

    Once you install Quick Activator, you will find it’s preferences in the Settings app. This is the first screen you will see:


    As I said, I only use the Quick Launch section of Quick Activator, though you have the ability, with this tweak, to also replace the center/Top Row toggles. If you choose to use the center toggles in this tweak, you will be able to use them exactly like the Quick Launch toggles. So, everything that applies in this overview also applies to them.

    Tapping on the Quick Launch toggles brings you to the meat of the tweak: assigning shortcuts to the toggles:


    You can assign two different actions to each toggle - a tap or a short hold (but you don’t have to assign the short hold). The infinite scrolling is pretty cool; just keep swiping to have the toggles change. Very handy if you have a lot of toggles assigned.

    I use my iPad in landscape, so I’ve set the “Shortcuts Per Page” to “Five.” However, be aware that having five toggles in portrait mode makes them overlap and look funky as the borders overlap. If you’re primarily in portrait, may I suggest you go no higher than four toggles per page.

    If you tap on the Shortcuts” line, you’ll get this screen:


    These toggles can be moved around by pressing the Edit button up in the upper right. You’ll then get the standard three lines that you can hold to move toggles around to re-order them or move them to/from Enabled or Disabled.

    The tweak comes default with the standard toggles found on the stock iPhone: Flashlight, Timer, Calculator and Camera. They cannot be changed to use a different Activator action when tapped, although you can assign a hold action. In addition, with the Timer toggle, you can set it to default to the Clock tab you’d prefer: World Clock, Alarm, Stopwatch or Timer.

    Note that the default Flashlight and Calculator toggles (shown here in the Disabled box) will not work on the iPad; there is no flash for the camera or a stock calculator. However, you can do as I did, assign an AppStore app to fill in for the stock calculator… No help on the flashlight, though, sorry. :)

    If you press one of the toggles, you get this screen where you can start assigning Activator actions to each toggle:


    Once you tap either the “Action” line or the “Hold Action” line - you’ll be taken to the standard Activator menu where you can assign anything from Activator, to include menus and lists. Again, it’s putting toggles to Activator actions versus gestures.

    And, look at the glyphs you can assign to your toggles:


    And, if that’s not enough glyphs, you can make your own (I made the Soundhound and ResetSafari glyphs you see in the pictures above). The tweak even allows you to use a flipswitch toggle icon if that’s what you choose.

    As you can see, it’s a very robust tweak for assigning/managing Activator actions. And - it’s free! So … what are you waiting for? Grab it and set your iPad up for your workflow.

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