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Discussion in 'iCloud' started by yorky48, Jul 12, 2012.

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    I share an apple account with my partner and it's fine for the usual apps for my ipad and iphone etc. But, I want to copy my contacts from my aol account on my pc onto my ipad. The only trouble is, the apple account is in my partners name and so transfers their contacts on to my ipad if I turn contacts on in icloud, which I don't want. Is there anyway I can set my ipad up so it only transfers my contacts. I tried syncing through itunes and went into info - sync contacts etc, but it only gave me the option of google - windows - or yahoo. I couldn't find aol on there anywhere. I don't want to change my email account from aol as everyone knows it and I use it for business etc.
    Any help would be gratefully received.
    Thanks for your time.


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