Choosing an electronic system and bits Apple, Google, or Microsoft?

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by Cockneyrebel, Feb 20, 2013.

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    Wonder if anyone knows which way to go or what might be best. I have been running Windows 7 on my laptop but have now had to change and have been given a laptop running Windows 8.
    I have an ipad 2 and I phone 4s but have never been a Mac user and they are expensive bits of kit.
    I was really surprised how much windows 8 attempts to act like an Apple bit of kit with apps, touch and a lot more including their app store. I have only just started using Windows 8 and still working my way round. Needing to set up me options etc.
    It seems to me that Apple, Google and Microsoft are all completing to get their operating system Web browsers and apps to be top dog.
    I have used last pass to save passwords and the like which has been really good and works on all systems. Also have used X marks for saving favourites etc.Dropbox, skitch.Am looking at Ever note as well.There are so many variations and ways to save favs etc
    My ISP Virgin media provides the TV, broadband and provides e mail service. Although they in turn use G mail. I have a number of G mail and virgin media e mail addresses.
    Moving forward wonder if anyone else has had the same crossroads in life and how have they proceeded. Most apps update across I phone and I pad but is there any app or programme that might be the King Kong of all apps, coordinating everything in one place? Back up and updating essential as well as good on a mobile use basis.

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