Cannot connect iPad to laptop

Discussion in 'iPAD Connect' started by bigmax, Aug 26, 2012.

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    Aug 26, 2012
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    I bought an iPad last week. I am trying to connect to my laptop so I can put my iTunes music onto it.
    First time it connected it said something about the driver not being right.
    I took it to Best Buy Geek squad but they were no help at all.
    I have now been sitting here for 2 hours trying to figure this out. I have tried everything.
    The iPad connects to my laptop but i can't see it in iTunes. It shows up in my computer and i can view the pictures i took with it.
    It says Internal Storage DCF.
    Can it still be a driver problem if it shows up in my computer?
  2. dvdcatalyst

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    The iPad connects using 2 different methods at once.

    It connects the camera storage in "camera" mode, so picture apps such as Picassa can access the pictures directly on it, but for everything else, it connects using iTunes.

    Things to check:

    * Try a different USB port on your laptop. Even if it shows up as a camera, this doesn't mean that the iPad actually likes the USB port you are using for it. The iPad needs a USB2 port. If your laptop is an older one, it could be that you have it connected with a USB1 port, or if it is a newer one, it could be that you are using an USB3 port, which might have compatibility issues. I use a fairly recent Asus laptop, and my USB3 port doesn't like the majority of my tablets, even though they work fine on the USB2 port.

    * Download and re-install iTunes, even if you already have the latest version installed. It could be that a driver or file got corrupted and doing a repair by installing the latest version on top will usually fix the issue.

    Apple - iTunes - Download iTunes Now

    * If that still doesn't help, you can use this official Apple troubleshooting site link:

    Apple - Support - iPad - iTunes Assistant

    which will take you through a few troubleshooting steps.

    * Lastly, if you picked up a new iPad from a retailer, contact Apple Support:

    Apple - Support - iPad - Contact Support


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