Camera Connection Kit transfer to Removable Flash Disk

Discussion in 'iPad Hacking' started by mattiebrownoz, Jul 25, 2011.

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    iPad 1.
    Jailbrake redsn0w_0.9.6rc16
    ios 4.3.3

    I have been using ifile, the apple camera connection kit, and usb flash drives to put photos from the ipad to removable flash disk for sometime now.

    Removable flash drives are Generic: under the 20mA allowance by apple.

    This has been working fine and fast.

    With my latest batch of flash disk recieved. They work fine under windows explorer to copy photos too.

    Bad news for attempting to do what I have been doing for months; which is above.

    To give you background, my sports photography on location is important and great for clients.

    I can take the image, camera connection kit to ipad, then just copy what photos they want to flash drive with other part of camera connection kit.

    I guess my question is my original batch of flash work, so the problem is not version of any software, but something to do with actual flash disks.

    Im trying to find out why by formatting using BOOTICE V0.920110501
    Different formats FAT16, FAT32 so many options....permission settings? ...sectors...process MBR ??

    Maybe Ive posted in incorrect forum, but anyone help or advise if you know.

    One more point is that I can transfer backwards, that is to say....from the flash drive in camera connection kit to the ipad file system and view in ifile, but cant get it to go from flash disk.



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