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Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by Pinkipad, Jan 20, 2019.

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    I visit a site daily and by page two a redirect popup appears. I backspace and I’m okay for a while then it happens again. Tonight I tried to get all the sites it goes to and so far I’m at seven. One blocks my backspace so I have to reload and try to remember where I was.

    Safari has no Settings link anywhere on the page. <. Bookmark on the left side. On the right is Activities with eight choices but no Settings, + and link to all open tabs.

    I need to block redirects. Popups are blocked or were for years. Apple says there is no scanner for exploits. I never click links but type it manually. No other site has popups or anything at all.

    This happens in Chrome too.

    This iPad five came from Apple as a replacement for iPad two with a dead battery after eleven months. It happened on both and on my old iPad Mini. It’s either an Apple exploit (Apple ipad is in some urls) or the website is infected. No other user has this issue.

    So... either these cooties follow me on Apple devices or ....... Please help me get rid of my cooties.
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    OK, a little confused as to what is happening I'm afraid. You have a website you visit regularly, but now it has suddenly started redirecting you to a different site? It's not a pop-up or a pop-under, and I assume this is new behaviour? And you don't think this is happening to anyone else you know who uses the site? OK, we need to test this on other you have a laptop or desktop PC/Mac you can try this site on? I have not heard of an Apple device being infected by browser malware in this way, and if it had been I would have thought that it wouldn't be just one site that shows this behaviour. My guess would be that the problem lies with the website itself and if this is the case then it should be happening to everyone who visits it irrespective of what browser or device they are using.
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    Nov 28, 2016
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    I’ve had this issue for more than a year. It used to stop after I backed up a page to my site. But now it’s aggressive and backspace doesn’t work.

    The site is complaints board dot com. Obviously you don’t have spaces; that’s so no one clicked the link.

    Redirect is :

    It grabs my Brand of computer, ISP, location, and my IP number. If you keep clicking, there are urls that you can’t grab but I have about seven saved.

    There are least six other urls it brings you to at first but it’s only going to the gifts site. Tomorrow I’ll close the window and try again.

    When the page back worked, I wasn’t too angry. But now I click my bookmark, start reading, get stuck then try to find the page I was on. I run out of patience after two pages.
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    Most redirects are caused by misbehaving ads. Even sites that don’t explicitly allow these kinds of ads may find themselves afflicted if their add provider is not digilent. Ads can also lodge themselves into cookies and other persistant javascript data.

    My suggestion is twofold.

    One, clear history and data in Safari’s settings. You’ll have to relog into sites taht normally remember you.

    Two, try 1Blocker or another ad blocking app. Most of them are highly configurable, letting you select what to block, and what sites to apply blocking. I can’t guarantee this will work, but if I had this problem and clearilng the history and data did not work, it would be my next move.

    Turning off Javascrip in Safari’s advanced settings would probably work as well, but it will cripple sites that use javascript. Most forums and interactive sites use javascript these days. Unfortunately, many ads use it as well.
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