‘Secret’ app for iPhone/iPad Users Brings Anonymous Social Sharing to iOS

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    Secret is a new secret sharing app that has been recently launched on the iTunes store, with the purpose of letting people share what they are thinking and feeling, free of judgement. Created by former employees of Square and Google, Secret’s concept is to allow users of the app to anonymously share secrets with members within their social circles. Of course, there are no names and no profiles involved.

    Every secret that you share has a comment thread attached to it, so you can get replies which are also anonymous. You need to have at least three friends on Secret before seeing posts, though. David Bytow, one of the founders, calls Secret a “normalizing platformâ€:

    The more likes or comments a post receives, the more it gets spread, so there’s a chance that you will find useful answers to the problems that you’re having. As for technical details regarding the actual intimacy, Secret’s privacy page says that users’ log, location and device information is being collected for debugging and analytical purposes only. And the best part is that the app is available free of charge.

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