Facebook App for iOS Updated with Speed Enhancements & Other New Features

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, May 16, 2014.

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    Facebook needs no introduction and you’re probably using it on your iPhone or iPad on a daily basis, as well. Now, the world’s biggest social network has issued an update to its flagship iOS aplication, bringing a new feature that automatically publishes posts created when a user’s cell signal is weak or their phone is not connected to a data network. This has been one of the biggest concerns of iOS users, and now it’s been taken care of.

    Version 10.0 of the iOS Facebook app also brings serious speed improvements to the News Feed, which now loads faster. According to the official changelog and also thanks to the comments of those who’ve already installed the update, this update is especially notable on older iPhones and iPads, which don’t have the processing power of the most recent devices.

    The latest version also allows users to preview draft posts prior to publishing and remove unwanted “suggested links†to books, movies and songs when sharing status updates. If you haven’t downloaded yet the Facebook app on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, then go ahead into the iTunes Store and get it, as it comes with a size of less than 60 MB.

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    And ...

    For those of you who miss the option to select "Most Recent" in your news feed versus "Top Stories" - it's still within the app; it's just in a different place.

    To access Most Recent, tap on the More button (bottom right). Then, scroll down to the "Feeds" section. Most Recent will be somewhere in there.

    You'll have to do this every time you access the app. And yes, it's a pain to do all those steps versus what was there before. Hey, look on the good side - at least Most Recent is there versus not at all, right?! :)

    Anyway. Just thought y'all would like to know.


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