Mixel inspires iPad users to be creative and create social collages

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    As children everybody used to love art class. And do you remember how much fun it was to make collages? It didn’t matter that you couldn’t draw at all, you could be the most creative one in the class, all you needed was scissors, glue, colored pencils, and you could have beaten Da Vinci himself. Well, the new Mixel app for iPad will remind you of such happy times. Mixel is a very creative app that completely reinvents collage so that everyone will want to do one. Everything in Mixel can be shared and remixed, making it the word’s first social art app. It’s all an adult could would want: it’s fun, not messy, and blends in the possibilities of socializing. What more could you want?

    Mixel, who was created in New York’s Dogpatch Labs, is extremely easy to use. For starters you begin by cropping down some source images and adding them to the working canvas. You have the option of resizing them and positioning them as you like best. And voila, you’re done. You can now proceed to share your latest art accomplishment on Facebook, Twiter or Tumblr. You can also share your creation with other users of the app. Mixel users can follow one another and receive feeds.

    What’s more any Mixel user can “re-invent†your collage, adding their own twist to your vision, but don’t worry you won’t loose your original. Both version will be saved and displayed so people can witness the evolution of the artwork. Another feature allows you to add text to your “Mixelsâ€. Mixel was designed by Scott Ostler, co-founder of the image-sharing site Dump.fm and Khoi Vinh, a former design director for the NYTimes.com and can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

    Source: gigaom.com

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