Apple Will Deeply Integrate Beats into iOS and iTunes, Says New Report

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    According to a fresh report coming from 9to5Mac website, it seems that Apple is actively working to launch a completely new paid streaming music app, based on the Beats Music Service, that will compete with Spotify and Rdio.

    Mark Gurman says that 'rather than merely installing the existing Beats Music app onto iPhones, Apple has decided to deeply integrate Beats into iOS, iTunes, and the Apple TV'. It seems that an updated iTunes app is in the works and it will deeply integrate the Beats functionality.

    The report also says that Apple’s new service is centered around the user’s music library and that a new search feature will allow users to locate any song in the iTunes/Beats catalog. Also, it will be possible to stream music from the catalog as well as add songs to their personal libraries.

    Apple customers will be able to select specific tracks to store on their iOS devices and/or computers, or keep all songs solely in the cloud. Gurman adds the following:

    "Apple will also deeply integrate Beats Music’s Playlists, Activities, and Mixes features into the new service, letting users access a vast array of pre-made, human-curated playlists to fit various activities. Surprisingly, Apple is likely to also update Beats’ social networking features, allowing people to follow other users and artists as they did with the failed Ping social music network."

    And here are some more details:

    Apple’s new service is said to be less expensive than the current $9.99/month or $99.99/year pricing. Spotify Premium and Rdio Premium subscriptions each cost $9.99 per month, so Apple has a big chance of eating their marketshare, if it manages to price it lower.

    Source: 9to5Mac

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