Beats Music 2.0 Finally Brings the Subscription Service to iPad Users

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    The official iOS Beats Music application has recently been updated to version 2.0 and the biggest change is the native support for the streaming music subscription service for iPad users. So now, after a long while, iPad users can use the Beats Music service on their tablets, as well, as Beats Music has been previously available only for iPhone and iPod Touch users. here’s the complete of all the new features:

    Recently, the Beats Music app has also been updated with support for in-app subscription purchasing and the ability to find other Beats Music users you may already know through Twitter. At the moment, a monthly subscription to the service costs $9.99 for one user or $14.99 for up to five users. There’s a special offer for AT&T subscribers, as they can try the group service for 90 days with an active phone plan.

    Source: iTunes

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