Apple tv - what can it do?

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    So I'm looking into wireless ipad mirroring with the Apple TV, but it's just not worth 100$ just to get wireless mirroring. So I'm asking fellow member who do use it what else it can do and if it will fit my needs. I know it comes with features such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. but I don't really use any of those apps.

    1. My Mac is currently connected to my tv (acting as a monitor) , and I do tend to watch videos often. I do not have any videos in iTunes, nor on my mac for that matter, but I have many in a folder on my time capsule. Will I be able to view these videos from my time capsule?

    2.Are there additional apps I can download ?

    3.Can it mirror my Mac display also?

    4. Aside from movies, photos, music, and pay to watch services/apps on the Apple TV, what else can it do?

    Thanks for your help !
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    I don't know much about it sorry, but I've heard you can jailbreak it. Not sure what that gives you though sorry.

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