Apple Prepares a New 12.9-Inch IPad for Early 2015, Says Bloomberg

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    The iPad Pro rumors are back and this time we have fresh information coming from reputed publication Bloomberg. The online outlet says that Apple’s suppliers are preparing to manufacture the company’s largest-ever iPad, with production scheduled to commence by the first quarter of next year. Here are some more details from the original report:

    So, we can see the this report pretty much confirms and lines up with previous rumor, saying that a 12.9 inch is on the cards and it could see the daylight sometime in 2015. Bloomberg also notes that Apple has been working with suppliers for at least a year to develop a new range of larger touch-screen devices.

    Larger-screen iPads are said to be aimed at business clients, where the device could be able to cope with such tasks as the traditional laptop computer. However, many out there are wondering whether this won't cannibalize sales of the 13-inch MacBook. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

    Source: Bloomberg

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