Apple's Suppliers Have Started Manufacturing New iPads, Says Bloomberg

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    Some of the most realistic recent rumors seem to suggest that the iPhone 6 will get unveiled in the beginning of next month, but it's not sure when is the estimated unveil date for new iPads. However, according to a recent report from Bloomberg, the production on the new iPads has already started. Here's what the publication said:

    Thus, the full-sized iPad with a 9.7-inch screen is expected to get announced before the end of this quarter or early next while a new version of the 7.9-inch iPad mini is said to be available by the end of the year. The launch will be just in time for the lucrative end-of-year holiday shopping season.

    Bloomberg's sources have confirmed previous rumors, saying that the Amit Daryanani, an analyst with RBC Capital Markets, said the following to Bloomberg:

    “The one weak spot for Apple has been the tablet market. A refresh could stabilize the iPad’s revenue and profitability contribution to the company,”

    This year's line-up of iPads is said to introduce a new anti-reflection coating, which Apple plans to add to the device to make the display easier to read. What do you make of this report?

    Source: Bloomberg

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