Apple Looking into Multi-User Support for iPad

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    According to a new post on AppleInsider, Apple is looking into how it might be possible for the iPad to support multiple users on the same iPad. The information was revealed to a developer who was written to by Apple after submitting a bug report, in which he or she suggested that Apple should think about adding support for multiple users to the iPad. Apple Developer Connection’s Worldwide Developer Relations team wrote the following reply in response to the suggestion:

    The developer who made the suggestion said that they often use Apple’s Bug Reporter to make suggestions to Apple, but this is the very first time that Apple has actually replied in this way. AppleInsider also notes that even before the first iPad was even announced, The Wall Street Journal wrote about an early iPad prototype that could be shared among, and customized for, different family members.

    Source: Apple says lack of multi-user support on iPad is a 'known issue,' 'being investigated'

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