Apple to Inform Users of Government Data Requests

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    AppleInsider reports today that Apple looks set to join other tech companies in going against the US government’s recommendations and informing users of government data seizures.
    Along with Microsoft, Facebook and Google, Apple now plans to tell users on a routine basis about applicable government data seizures, according to The Washington Post, via AppleInsider.
    While lawyers are still working out the precise details of the practical application of this change in policy, the companies involved seem determined to ensure that their customers are regularly informed about government requests for user Internet, email records and general personal data.

    This move by Apple and other big tech companies follows various leaks about government surveillance such as those by ex-NSA employee Edward Snowden.
    AppleInsider says that as a result of the tech companies’ new policies, investigators have been forced to abandon subpoenaed requests for data, or try to get gag orders, which are apparently not that easy to obtain.

    Source: Apple to routinely inform users of government data requests

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